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Risk Assessments

A risk assessment will identify, prioritize, and estimate cyber security risk to your operations, assests and individuals.

Vulnerability Assessments

An assessment will identify and analyze the security vulnerabilities that might exist in your organization. 

Gap Assessments

A gap assessment will asses and compare your organisation against an international standard for information security.

Third Party Risk Assessments

We will assess and report on your third party’s security posture to determine the security risks they are exposing your business to.

Penetration Testing

We will simulate real world cyber-attacks against your internet facing applications to identify where a hacker may penetrate.

Policies and Procedures

We will develop cyber security policies and procedures for your organisation that provides a roadmap for day-to-day operations.

About Us

We specialize in providing clients with cyber security assessment services that identify risks and pragmatic measures to mitigate them.

Seraph Cyber Security, a level 1 B-BBEE contributor, was established in 2017 to help clients understand their cyber security risks and how to address them most effectively.  It also aims to meet the ever-increasing demand for specialist cyber security skills by employing and growing local talent.

Seraph is the name of a fictitious character from The Matrix Trilogy.  He is described as the personification of a sophisticated authentication protocol which guards the Oracle. After meeting the protagonist, Neo, Seraph explains his purpose, “I protect that which matters most”. Similarly we aim to assist clients in protecting what matters most to them, their information.

Meet the Team

Stanley Vorsatz

CEO, Founder

Laa'iqah Ismail

Cyber Security Analyst

Luyolo Ndiki

Cyber Security Analyst

Yusrah Soeker

Cyber Security Analyst


Cybersecurity Analyst

Security Analytics Professional

Certified Information Systems Auditor


Cloud Practitioner

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